2019 Disability Artists - Academy of Special Dreams

Artists' Details Artwork

Mr. Arroyo’s Class Lift North

Spring Blossoms Together​

Concentric circles of dark and light purple, red, yellow, black and a cream center represent beautiful flowers and the spring.  Flowers bring happiness and love.

Acrylics on Canvas

Academy of Special Dreams - Mr. Arroyo's Class - Spring Blossoms Together

William Lee

A Winter Day

A black ocean bay and black sky contrasting against opaque and saturated white hues that shape mountains, trees. White sailboats and a flight of birds move out to sea.

Acrylic on Canvas

Academy of Special Dreams - William Lee - A Winter Day

Virginia V Granados​


A richly saturated bouquet of three flowers. Their green stems and outlined leaves are tied together by a light blue bow centered with a yellow eyed button. Two open blooms are different shades of orange with yellow centers.  The center unopened flower is red.

Embroidery on Canvas

Academy of Special Dreams - Virginia Granados - Esperanza

Maru Pombo​

Libre al Fin (Freedom)

A portrait of Frida Kahlo’s head and shoulders. She is wearing a flower crown. Half of her face has Day of the Dead make-up. A small brown monkey faces forward and is hanging on her shoulder.  There is a yellow butterfly on her other shoulder.

Oil on Canvas

Academy of Special Dreams - Maru Pombo - Libre al Fin (Freedom)

Group painting by Kathleen McKay Class LIFT North (Learning independence for transition}

Our Version of it

The field is red with black lines. The left side has yellow x’s. There is a central face made up of two halves. The profile half is light blue with a green pupil, purple eyelid and a yellow circle to form a cheek. The other half is grey and faces forward. The small eye has a green pupil and no eyelid. An orange half circle forms a cheek. It has red lips.

Acrylics on recycled board

Academy of Special Dreams - Kathleen McKay's Class - Our Version of It

Kathleen Mckay Class LIFT NORTH​

Recycled Tomatoe Soup version

A depiction of a red and white Campbell’s Tomato Soup can.

Acrylics on canvas and recycled cardboard

Academy of Special Dreams - Kathleen McKay's Class - Recycled Tomato Soup

Sandra Núñez Class LIFT SOUTH​

Next Record: Our Roots of Happiness, 2019

A view from below of a sloping green hill many yellow and pink hued flowers. From right to left the sky is a cloudy white as it disperses to a saturated blue.

Acrylics on Canvas

Academy of Special Dreams - Sandra Nunez - Our Roots of Happiness

Annie Young

One Day at a Time, 2019

Canvas 1 is the horizon is at a diagonal. A tree with plush moving leaves is on a grassy field with purple flowers. They sky is blue and white with clouds. The sun is rising.

Canvas 2 zooms in on the tree and orange and red sun sets.

Canvas 3 and 4 is the same but has the black and white animal figure in front of the tree and swirls of yellow and red in the corner.

Acrylics on Canvas

Academy of Special Dreams - Annie Young - One Day At a Time Canvas 1 Academy of Special Dreams - Annie Young - One Day At a Time Canvas 2

Martin Vogel

J-Town and Tiny Bubblesd

One image is a white field with wheelchair tire markings running in many directions. Splotches of red and marron are in the center. The other image is a field of circles in shades of dark and light red where there are dark wheelchair tire markings.

Acrylics on canvas wheelchair painting

Academy of Special Dreams - Martin Vogel - Canvas of J.Town and Tiny Bubbles

Jhovana Cecena

No eyes but ears for music and The Hand of Nations, 2019

A green figure with blue hair playing a golden piano with red keys. Threads and musical notes of reds, yellows, and greens float from the piano across the cloudy blue sky.

Oils on Canvas

Academy of Special Dreams - Jhovana Cecena - No Eyes But Ears for Music Academy of Special Dreams - Jhovana Cecena - The Hand of Nations

Osawa’s Class from Alhambra High School

Yellow Blossoms and Ocean Love

Two long yellow and white petalled flowers with a background of green leaves and partial view of an orange sky.

A beautiful face in cool blue and pink hues. It is underwater and long hair floats in different directions. There is a green sea turtle and other sea life in the background.

Acrylics and water colors on paper

Academy of Special Dreams - Osawa's Class - Yellow Blossoms Academy of Special Dreams -  Osawa's Class - Ocean Love

Basilio Alonzo

Summer Sunset

A setting sun appears blue and the sky is in hues of yellow, orange, and red. The grasses, clouds and two flying swallows are shadowed in black.


Academy of Special Dreams - Basilio Alonzo - Summer Sunset

Kathleen Victory Class Lift North

A close up view of the long spines on a green cactus.


Academy of Special Dreams - Kathleen Victory's Class - Photography of Green Cactus