Meals to Angeles with Disabilities Relaunch Program

Collage of Disaster Service Workers, Community Partners and Volunteers working hard for the Meals for Angelenos with Disabilities Program.

As of Wednesday, December 31, 2020

Thank you for your email as well as your interest in the Department on Disability's Meals to Angelenos with Disabilities Relaunch Program, which was created as a temporary lunch delivery service to bridge the hunger gap that exists for people with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic in the City of Los Angeles.  As you may know, the relaunch program was a collaborative effort with Khalsa Care Foundation, HUNGRY and many other community organizations which has allowed us to serve over 49,000 meals to Angelenos with Disabilities throughout Los Angeles County.

As of Wednesday, December 31, 2020 the relaunch program has ended.  However, there are many organizations and government programs available that continue to support the needs you may have.  Below are some of Los Angeles County Nutrition Assistance Resources:

  • CalFresh - Cash assistance for Individuals or Families.  Contact 1-866-613-3777 or visit to apply. Please note that children of undocumented immigrants are eligible to receive CalFresh benefits if they are citizens or legal permanent residents.  Parents are encouraged to apply on behalf of their children who qualify.  The CalFresh program information is confidential.
  • Senior or Older Adults Meals - Contact 1-800-510-2020 for meals from Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles
  • WIC - Free food for Moms, Babies and Children under 5.  Contact 1-888-942-9675 to apply.
  • Free Groceries - Go to Los Angeles Regional Food Bank's food pantry locator at or contact 323-234-3030.
  • Grab & Go meals for school-aged kids - Contact the school district near you for “Grab and Go” meals offered in select schools.
  • Find Food through 211 -  Visit or dial211 to locate food resources near you, such as free groceries, student meals, and more. 

Be sure to visit Meals to Angelenos with Disabilities Website ( periodically for further updates.

Follow-Up Questions or Inquiries or Media Inquiries:
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Meals to Angelenos with Disabilities Program Team

History of Program

The Angelenos with Disabilities Meal Program was created as a temporary lunch delivery service to bridge the hunger gap that exists for people with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic in the City of Los Angeles. Our program was supported in part by generous donations and volunteer time.

On May 29th, 2020, the first phase of the program ended. Phase one was brought together by Mayor Garcetti in partnership with FOX Corporation to provide 2,000 free meals to individuals with disabilities across Los Angeles. Meals were prepared by the FOX Corporation food service team on the FOX lot in Cheviot Hills and delivered to a hub at one of our public library branches, where drivers from Access Paratransit loaded and then delivered them directly to the Angelenos with disabilities. The first phase of the program ended on June 12, 2020.

Phase two ran from May 18th - July 17th, 2020, where the Department on Disability partnered with Khalsa Care Foundation (KCF), on behalf of the Sikh Community in Los Angeles, to deliver 1,000 vegetarian meals a day during a transition period then increased to a total of 3,000 vegetarian meals a day, which were transported by LADOT Cityride to a hub at the LA Zoo where Access Paratransit loaded and delivered meals to participants.

Frequent Asked Questions

Our Angelenos with Disabilities Meal Program is BACK and will begin on Monday, November 2nd, 2020.  We are currently taking in constituents that are interested in getting upto 5 lunch meals per household, per day.

1.  For our members that were enrolled on the last meal program, do we need to re-enroll them through the google form?

Yes, everyone needs to re-enroll through the google form. We are contracting with a third-party vendor who will be receiving the information and we don't have the staff capacity to enter individual names.

2.  Is the google form the only form they need to complete and submit?

Yes. Completing the google form is the only thing required. If additional information is needed, we will contact the client.

3.  What if my client cannot fill out the form?

If your client is unable to complete the form, we welcome your organizations to complete the form on their behalf or they can call our main telephone number at (213) 202-2764.

4.  How will we know if the members were enrolled?

Constituents will receive an automatic email notification that their application was received. We plan to notify participants at the start of the deliveries by email.

5.  Who is providing the meals?

The meals will come from Khalsa Care Foundation and delivered by Hungry.

6.  When are meals being delivered?

Meals will be delivered Monday through Friday (including holidays). Delivery will be made to clients beginning from 11:30am to 1:00pm. Text messages will be sent prior to delivery. 

7.  If constituents want to cancel or want to update their information, or need customer service do I need to let DOD know directly like we did last time?

No. Please contact via email or call toll-free at (855)915-3663. Hungry is our third-party vendor that will be responsible for all deliveries and customer service inquiries. A business card with telephone number will be provided in the meals as well.

8.  Until when will the enrollment be open?

Enrollment will remain open throughout the program. When we meet our capacity of 2,000 meals anyone else who applies will be placed on a waiting list.

9.  How long do I need to wait on the waitlist?

We foresee constituents dropping on a daily basis and replacing them with the clients enrolled in the waitlist. Waitlist time varies.

10. How many meals can a household receive?

We are providing up to 5 lunch meals per household, per day.

11. What is included in the meal?

The meal includes a vegetarian lunch with one of the following: Fried rice/spring roll; curry/steamed rice; pasta/wheat roll and accompanied by a snack, a bottle of water and utensils packaged in a plastic bag. 

12. Can I ask for a different meal?

No. 2,000 meals are cooked and packaged on the day of delivery which makes it difficult for the vendor to modify individual meals. 

13. How long is this program?

The program will begin on Monday, November 2, 2020 until Thursday, December 31st. DOD will look at opportunities for expanding if there is a need and if funding opportunities are available.