Department on Disability seeks to promote access to artistic expression for those within the disability community, be it through art, film or music.


ADA30 Commemorative Art Gallery

Ideas, emotions, and revolutions big and small have all been captured and expressed in works of art including the commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the signing of the ADA. Please enjoy the works provided by and curated by the Academy of Special Dreams/DCA/Library that include our Art Partners.

Disability Artists

We highlight the artistic talents and abilities of children and adults with disabilities with the yearly Disability Art Exhibition.  Check out the following Community Partners' 2020 Disability Artists and their artwork!


The DEAFestival in collaboration of the City of Los Angeles Department on Disability unites the deaf community once a year to celebrate DEAF culture. DEAFestival 2020 coming soon.

DEAFestival will achieve a it’s 30 year milestone this year. We are proud to highlight “DEAFestival Los Angeles 1990,” a documentary produced and directed by Pearl Swan Youth, capturing the inaugural DEAFestival on April 28, 1990 with over 3,000 people in attendance.


Crip Camp

The story of one group of people and captures one moment in time. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of other equally important stories from the Disability Rights Movement that have not yet received adequate attention. We are committed to using the film’s platform to amplify additional narratives in the disability rights and disability justice communities – with a particular emphasis on stories surrounding people of color and other intersectionally marginalized communities. We stand by the creed of nothing about us, without us. For too long, too many were excluded, and it is time to broaden the number of voices and share the mic.  Visit the Crip Camp Website.

Lights! Camera! Access! (LCA)

A provider of a network of services to advance the presence and participation of persons with disabilities in the entertainment and media industries. Lights! Camera! Access! 2.0 connects this talented culture to employment opportunities in Canada’s entertainment, arts and digital media industries. Be reflected on our screens and create the stories behind the scenes. Change your media lens, engage in inclusion!  Check out the Clinton Global Initiative Committment to Action YouTube Video at the CGI 2015 Annual Meeting.

ReelAbilities Film Festival: Los Angeles

An annual three-day film festival which showcases new and classic films, conversations, and artistic programs. ReelAbilities Film Festival: Los Angeles explores, embraces, and celebrates the diversity of our shared human experience. This festival is hosted by the Department of Disability of the City of Los Angeles. We will work together with the public (irrespective of ability) to gain a greater appreciation of quality film across abilities.  Visit ReelAbilities Film Festival: Los Angeles Website.


A nonprofit organization that works collaboratively with employers, entertainment leaders, governors, policy makers, educators, self-advocates, non-profits, faith-based organizations, philanthropists and the media to fight stigmas and advance opportunities. Led by diverse people with disabilities and allies, RespectAbility knows that people with disabilities and their families have the same hopes and dreams as everyone else.  Visit RespectAbility Website.


Jazz Hands for Autism

Jazz Hands for Autism is a talent advocacy group that provides platforms and seeks avenues where musically inclined individuals on the autism spectrum can express and explore talent.