2020 Tierra del Sol Foundation's Artists

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Abigail Simbana

Cecilia Laura Abigail Judy goes Broanden, 2019

Within this vertical composition, a blue and violet sky with six golden stars, four white clouds and six angelic figures sits above green and gray mountainous terrain and a steep cliffside.

Mix Media on Paper, 18"x12"

Anthony Barnes

Untitled, 2019

Multiple objects and a small singular figure on the right sit in the foreground of an expansive pink pictureplane. Heavy texture and a combination of both geometric and organic shapes are used to make up the forms featured in the artwork.

Mix Media on Paper, 18"x24"

Daeanaira Smith

Untitled, 2020

This is a multimedia, horizontal textural colorscape with forms reminiscent of eyes and eyelashes floating through strips of vibrant greens and oranges, over a bed of duller greens and brick-reds.

Mix Media on Paper, 18"x24"

Douglas Allen

Fly to the Moon, 2019

A city scene set with trucks driving by many road signs including one that reads: “Welcome to San Dimas”. Multiple businesses can be identified throughout the psychedelically colored landscape. A sun and cloud filled sky sits between and surrounds the hills that fill the upper third of the piece. All areas of the composition are packed with many different patterns in vivid colors.

Mix Media on Paper, 18"x24"

Esmeralda Ballesteros

The Russian Dolls, 2019

A peanut shaped doll figure, eyes closed and hands together, painted to appear wrapped in a green cloak, sits in the foreground surrounded by a magenta expanse filled with colorful flora and colorfully patterned objects that float around the central figure.

Mix Media on Paper, 18"x12"

Liane Kaino

Whale, 2020

A sky of yellows, greens and blues highlights a gray whale with a red fin as it leaps from a deep blue sea, being left sprawled out across the center of the picture plane, almost coming into contact with the two blue clouds at the top of the piece.

Mix Media on Paper, 12"x18"

Muluh C. Ningo

Untitled, 2020

A blue rose-like flower with three green, striped leaves and a thorny stem is located center-left in the foreground, displayed before a top to bottom background fading from blue to white to green.

Mix Media on Paper, 18"x24"

Samantha Roman

Seashell, 2019

Soft yet bold marks of color are arranged giving the impression of a shell. This horizontal composition is created using both long and short strokes of paint with visible brushmarks in a variety of sizes and colors, many of which are greens and blues that seem reminiscent of seafoam.

Acrylic on Paper, 18"x24"