2019 Disability Artists - Tierra del Sol

Artist Details Artwork

Jonathan Jackson

Shape, 2017

A vibrant collage consisting of both abstract and geometric shapes and patterns, as well as depictions of various toys.

Ink, Graphite & Illustration Marker on paper

18” x 24”

Jackie Marsh

Flower Power, 2019

An assortment of various colorful flowers painted in such a manner as to have a somewhat lifted texture comprise the foreground that covers an expansive green background.

Acrylic on paper

18” x 24”

Dru McKenzie

Untitled, 2010

A bright golden figure with large brown eyes surrounded by lashes, long flowing hair and vibrant pink lips detail the figure who appears in front of a gray background, visible on only a small portion of the piece.

Mixed media on paper

24” x 18”

Daniel Padilla

Untitled, 2016

A close up drawing, done in grayscale, of a coated figure with long hair that stands in the foreground, head tilted downwards, eyes closed. Illustration Marker on paper

18” x 24”

Marie Pedrigal

Cats and Dogs See the Moon!, 2019

My best friends all have cats and dogs. In this picture they all sit together on the mountain, looking up at the moon. Patels are used, showing a dark black background for the sky, dark green grass on the mountain, yellow light silhouetting the horizon, and white stars, moon and highlights.

Pastel on paper

12”x 18”

Julia Hagen-Brenner

Poodle Dog, 2018

An art piece of a pink curly haired dog named a poodle. The dog sits in the middle of the drawing, surrounded by paw prints and dog treats in a bone shapes. There are also heart shapes for people who love dogs. I like swirls, so there are a lot of swirls in it. I used colored pencils tofill in and contour the dog.

Color pencil on paper

18” x 12”

Naydith Dominguez

Love Birds, 2019

Two love birds, in green and blue. They have stripes on both to show patterns in them. They are sitting on a branch with a large heart in the background, because they are in love! Materials used are layered colored pencils and watercolor.

Mixed Media on Paper

18: x 12”

Trina Kirkman

Bird Houses

Different colors; pink yellow, blue, green, and orange geometric patterns filling the page. Watercolor fills birds, their houses, flowers, branches with leaves, hearts, squares and stripe designs.