2019 Disability Artists - Exceptional Children’s Foundation

Artists' Details Artwork

Edith Vallardes

The Lost Kingdom, 2019

Black and white illustration of the artist as a princess figure in front of her kingdom. In the foreground she gestures her arms to the left towards a castle behind her. There is a robot type figure guarding the castle. The space between the princess and the castle is full of diamond shapes, making it appear to shimmer.

Drypoint Print

Jasmin Galan

Two Love Birds, 2019

One a bright red background two birds sit closely to one another. The bird one the left is blue with a red beak. The one on the right is green with a red chest. They are both looking at the viewer.

Posea Markers and Acrylic Paint on Yupo paper

Jose Martinez

Coil Built Vessel, 2019

A large red vase with diagonal stripes coming from the rim fills the majority of the composition. The background is a contrasting green making the vase appear very bright and crisp.

Ink on Paper

Kai Fukuyama

The Spider, 2019

A stylized illustration of a spider is at the center of the drawing. It sits on its web, laid out in the shape of a diamond or crystal. Each section of the web alternates in color between red and blue. The very center of the web is yellow. Behind the spider and its web is a checkerboard pattern in red and brown.

Color Pencil on Paper

Karla Artiga

Legend of the Great Time Wizard, 2018

A stylized figure stands in the forefront and center of the illustration. The figure is wearing a blue green top and pants with a long grey coat. Their face is cast in a shadow as they look toward the viewer. They have long green hair and hold a staff with a watch piece over a forked tip. A yellow belt with a ying yang symbol is on their waist and their tall black boots are detailed with gear shapes in gold. Behind the figure are large clock mechanical gears and hardware.

Illustration Ink on Paper

Robert Turner

Untitled, 2019.

A young man is the central figure of this minimal composition. He wears a blue bandana tied at the front of his head, a large chain and a bright red shirt. The background is a purplish mauve color. We only see his body from the top of his head to his mid arm. He is stands at a 45 degree with his large eyes gazing out at the viewer.

Drypoint Print and Watercolor

Shanne DeLeon

Untitled (stripes), 2019

There are 4 columns of thick painted stripes in various colors leaning slightly to the left creating an optical illusion of movement or slight vibration between contrasting colors.

Acrylic on paper

Shelima King

House in the Trees

Various trees and large plants in a range of greens surround a house built in a tree. The house is large and fills the upper left side of the drawing. It has a brown roof and yellow siding. There is a wooden deck decorated with drawings of leaves and flowers on each panel. There is a small pool on the deck. Each leaf and objects like the deck are detailed with an outline of black ink.

Color pencil and ink on paper