Theresa De Vera - President
Iran Hopkins - 1st Vice President
Richard Rothenberg - 2nd Vice President
Alisa Schlesinger​ - Secretary

Theresa De Vera, President
Iran Hopkins, 1st Vice President
Richard Rothenberg, 2nd Vice President
Alisa Schlesinger, Secretary
Dr. Robert Bitonte, Commissioner
Myrna Cabanban, Commissioner
Robert Williams, Commissioner
Betty Wilson, Commissioner
David E. Wolf, Commissioner

The Commission is responsible for:

  • Development of Commission agendas
  • Recommendations for assignment of members to ad hoc committees and task forces
  • Coordination of public hearings and preparation of consequent reports to the Mayor and City Council
  • Preparation of required Commission annual reports
  • Liaison to the other Commissions and community at large on disability issues
  • Coordination of Commission special events and public relations activities, as needed

For further information, please telephone the Commission Office at (213) 202-2764 or (213) 202-3452 TTY